The Uplift Fund

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The Uplift Fund

Uplift Fund Invests Private Capital in the Pre-development Phase of Rental Housing Projects of 100 to 400 units in Vancouver and Toronto that Need Zoning


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What Is The Uplift Fund?

Over the next five years, Uplift Fund plans to invest $100 million of private capital in ten rental housing projects that need zoning, resulting in unlocking development of over 2,000 new rental homes for working people in Canada.

Who Is The Uplift Fund For?

  • Developers that need funding to get their site shovel-ready for institutional investors.
  • Landholders seeking to redevelop their land into a transit-oriented rental housing development.
  • Families that wish to retain an ownership position in the redevelopment of their property in a transit-oriented area that needs zoning.
  • Nonprofit groups looking to kick off a new development project, who need capital to support the approvals and permitting process.
  • Business owners who want to redevelop an existing commercial property to further optimize and maximize the value of their land.
  • Any Canadian landholder who struggles with feeling “land rich and cash poor,” and who is looking for creative funding solutions to support an upcoming development project that is located near a major transit line.
  • Investors looking for a two to three year real estate development investment during the pre-development phase, as returns of 15 to 20% IRR.
  • Investors who see the opportunity in creating housing solutions amidst the current housing crisis.

Our Mission

The Uplift Fund exists to partner real estate investors with developers and landholders who need capital to support the approvals and permitting portion of their development project. 

REITs, insurance companies, and pension funds are some of the only groups with pockets deep enough to build and hold rental housing in Canada. However, many of these groups do not have a mandate to acquire sites that are not yet zoned for development.  So a critical gap in unlocking housing supply in Canada is pre-development funding. That’s why Uplift Fund is critically important.

Investors in Uplift Fund have an opportunity to invest during the zoning phase on projects, resulting in shovel-ready sites that can be acquired by institutional groups. And, with investor returns of 15-20%.

Tegan Smith, MCP, MCIP, RPP leveraging her expertise in development feasibility to manage the Uplift Fund. Tegan is the founder of Channel Consulting, a respected real estate investor, Development Consultant, Development Approvals Process Review (DAPR) expert, leader in Canadian real estate, and winner of the Urban Land Institute of British Columbia’s 2022 Outstanding Leader Award.

The first step for a landholder seeking funding is to engage Channel Consulting to carry out a development feasibility assessment to determine if the project qualifies for investment.

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