The Uplift Fund

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The Uplift Fund

The Collaborative Capital Solution For Canadian Developers, Families, Nonprofits, & Private Landholders Seeking Funding For The Pre-development Phase on Transit-Oriented Sites in Canada.

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What Is The Uplift Fund?

The Uplift Fund is a collaborative funding resource for Canadian landholders who want to develop or redevelop property—and who need external capital to make it happen.

Who Is The Uplift Fund For?

  • Developers that need funding to get their site shovel-ready for institutional investors.
  • Landholders seeking to develop their land into a transit-oriented residential development.
  • Families that wish to retain an ownership position in the redevelopment of their property in a transit-oriented area in British Columbia.
  • Nonprofit groups looking to kick off a new development project, who need capital to support the approvals and permitting process.
  • Business owners who want to redevelop an existing commercial property to further optimize and maximize the value of their land.
  • Any Canadian landholder who struggles with feeling “land rich and cash poor,” and who is looking for creative funding solutions to support an upcoming development project that is located near a major transit line.
  • Investors who love the idea of participating in real estate development and creating housing solutions amidst the current housing crisis.

Our Mission

The most successful projects are the ones where people come together from all sides of the table to collaborate, connect, and find mutually beneficial solutions. There has never been a more complicated time to develop in Canada—and yet, there has also never been a more crucial need for new housing development throughout Canada. 

With a major housing crisis impacting hundreds of thousands of Canadians, immigrants, and refugees, creating new avenues for land development is key. However, many landholders who would love to develop or redevelop their properties are unable to tap into the true value of their property because they lack funding through the development approvals process on their project. 

The Uplift Fund exists to partner real estate investors with Canadian landholders who need capital to support the approvals and permitting portion of their development project. Through this partnership, developers, families, nonprofits, and business owners can access much-needed funding to unlock the monetary value of their land. Investors, on the other hand, have an exciting opportunity to unlock important development projects and participate in addressing the housing crisis.

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