Government Relations

Managing Risk

Government engagement is the best way to ensure that your project team is working with accurate information. 

Private developers, families with land holdings, non-profit groups, and government organizations invite our help to facilitate discussions that confirm the approvals requirements for their development or infrastructure project.  Our role on projects varies greatly depending on the capacity of the team and the complexity of the project.  While there are some projects where we are involved for only a few meetings, our involvement in most complex approvals is most effective when it spans several months or even years. 

Our role is to uncover the truth about what clients can do with their land. Channel acts as a facilitator for engaging government and fostering stakeholder relationships. We offer a safe and supportive environment for exchanging diverse ideas.

Typically, our process for government engagement is as follows:

We help our clients to study and understand the existing municipal and provincial policy context. Regardless of where the client is in the process, we take a fresh look at the project and reconfirm the requirements using our land use report format.

We work with the client and project team to reconfirm the business plan.

We maintain an up-to-date government engagement strategy and key messages based on your project’s business plan.

We lead a series of discussions with key stakeholders and staff. This may include elected officials, neighbouring property owners or organizations like Urban Development Institute.

We prepare clear and concise presentations or briefing notes summarizing the issue and opportunity.  This informs candid and constructive conversations on the best way to proceed.

We facilitate ongoing communication with clients and the government review lead.  When needed we invite relevant subject matter consultants into the conversation.

This process ensures that all parties are working with the same information and making decisions accordingly.  The client is sure of their investment decision and the approving body is sure of their approval decision.

Government staff consistently tell clients that they appreciate having Channel involved.  Our approach respects the time and effort of both the applicant and the review team.