Development Management

Owner’s Representative

We are experienced development managers

As the Owner’s Representative, Channel provides the most talented team in the industry to meet project needs.

Channel has a reputation for: 

  • A strong Vancouver real estate industry network 
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills 
  • An entrepreneurial mindset, taking ownership of project direction
  • Relevant education in architecture, planning, engineering, urban land economics
  • A strong understanding of real estate market trends, competitor awareness, and land regulation policies

Five main phases of work generally unfold over a several year period:

1. Due diligence
2. Confirm business plan
3. Approvals
4. Construction
5. Occupancy

Our key responsibilities include:

  • Leading weekly meeting with the client, including preparing meeting agendas and meeting notes
  • Overseeing development strategy
  • Overseeing government and stakeholder engagement
  • Managing architectural, engineering, General Contractors, and other subject matter consultants
  • Assisting in the creation, management, and execution of project business plans and proformas
  • Working with local government authorities on rezoning, development & building permit approvals
  • Representing the project at real estate industry networking events
  • Assisting the client with the review and execution of legal agreements associated with development projects
  • Tracking monthly billings and project budgets
  • Researching and reporting on various relevant policy changes and market information
  • Preparing project agendas and minutes, for all meetings with subject matter consultants, government, and stakeholders
  • Creating and maintaining project schedules
  • Maintaining up-to-date project files on Channel’s file-sharing platform

We manage the three key risks in real estate development:

1. Government approvals
2. Construction costs
3. Market Conditions

The core of our work is assisting the client in building long-term relationships with government, subject matter consultants, joint venture partners, General Contractors, leasing partners, and other key stakeholders. 

This supports timely and fiscally responsible advancement of current and future projects. The government approvals processes are cumbersome, which can impact project timelines, as well as design and construction costs. As required, we will challenge these requirements in a way that is respectful and constructive.

Our focus is listening, connecting with people, and building trust.  We show integrity with consistency in our actions and our words.  Our reputation is that we get results by leading meetings that foster a safe and supportive environment for exchanging diverse ideas.