Full-Service Development Consulting

For Private Landholders In British Columbia

Development Consulting For Canadian Landholders

Looking to Develop or Redevelop Your Land? We Prioritize Your Vision, Streamline the Process, & Do What It Takes to Maximize the Value of Your Property.

So, you’re sick of the uncertainty and you're ready to get a second opinion on the feasibility of your project and best approach...

Whether you’re an experienced developer looking for an independent opinion or landholder who is being approached about a sale…

…You would like more information about development feasibility and the approvals process before making a decision. 

We are here to help.

There’s never been a more challenging time to get your project approved and permitted in Canada.

  • Permitting processes can hold up approvals for years if not navigated strategically.
  • Environmental requirements and stakeholder engagement can become massive roadblocks for even the most seemingly simple development projects.
  • Understanding permitting fees and servicing costs can feel like an uphill battle all on its own.

What You Need? A Partner With the Experience, Knowledge, & Connections to Bring Solutions.

With more than 25 years of experience in land use policy and land development, Channel Consulting Principal Tegan Smith has extensive experience from EVERY side of the table. 

From supporting developers and landholders to optimize their property’s value and get their project across the line…

To building a reputation as a thought leader in Canadian real estate…

To working hand-in-hand with government to build and streamline their approvals processes…

Tegan’s reputation is that she understands how to go from ‘vision’ to ‘completion’ better than any other development consultant in Canada today. 

Through our uniquely relationship-based approach, Channel Consulting will guide you to listen, connect, and discover creative solutions to give you the certainty that you need, ASAP—while maximizing your ROI and keeping the experience as low-stress as possible.

Want An Expert to Walk You Through Your Next Steps?

Book a complimentary call with Tegan Smith today. Here, you’ll have a chance to get all your questions answered—plus, Tegan will share a complete breakdown of what bringing a development consultant onto your team could look like for you.

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